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Download Plugin Throw Knife (Dapet dari ForumAlliedMods)

********************************************* *******************************
* Version 1.0.2 - Date: 10/09/2004
* Original by -]ToC[-Bludy
* Upgraded to STEAM and ported to AMXx by: jtp10181 <>
* Homepage:
********************************************* *******************************

Admin Commands:

amx_tknives - Toggles Throwing Knives On and Off

Client Commands:

throw_knife - This is the command for everyone to throw knives
say /knifehelp - Brings up knifehelp menu to help players bind keys
say /throwingknives - Same as /knifehelp

// ******************  Throwing Knives Setup ******************

//Toggles Throwing Knives on and off (default 0) ( 1 or 0 )
//amx_throwknives 1

//The amount of ammo to be given at roundstart (default 5) ( 1 or higher )
//amx_knifeammo 5

//Force at which knives are thrown (default 1200) ( 200 or higher )
//amx_knifetossforce 1200

//Maximum amount of knives allowed at once (default 10) ( amx_knifeammo or higher )
//amx_maxknifeammo 10

//Damage dealt on a knife hit (default 25) ( 1 or higher )
//amx_knifedmg 25

//Toggles knife dropping on death on and off (default 1) ( 1 or 0 )
//amx_dropknives 1

//Toggles autoswitching to knife when bind is pressed (default 1) ( 1 or 0 )
//amx_knifeautoswitch 1

//Toggles logging kill as "throwing_knife" or "knife" (default 0) (1 = throwing_knife, 0 = knife)
//amx_tknifelog 1
Additional info:

- You must bind a key to throw_knife
- You can no longer drop your knives on command, only when you die
- Team Attack system dropped, but it will obey the server friendlyfire cvar


- New knife model, more effecient, smaller file size, easier to download
- New contact system, knife will stick to whatever they hit
- New code which is less CPU intensive, less bugs, server crashing seems to be eliminated.


It was brought to my attention a few days ago that with the update to the AMX forums the file attached to the bottom of the forum topic had only an .amx file and no custom model. This gave me the motivation to create a new model that was smaller and faster to download, and a brand new knife system to make the knives more realistic. It took a few server crashes to get the code right, but it payed off in the end. A few of my clan members and I played throwing knife darts on one of the players sprays to celebrate.

The knives work a lot better than before, and they are a lot of fun to play with. So get your knives out and go Have Fun

v1.0.2 - JTP10181 - 10/09/04
  • Support for AMXModX 0.20
v1.0.1 - JTP10181 - 08/11/04
  • Some tweaks to make it work better on listenservers, changed engclient_cmd to client_cmd
v1.0 - JTP10181 - 07/05/04
  • Removed some unneeded return statements
  • Made it so the knives cannot be used before the round has started (freezetime)
  • Added some extra checks on variables to be safe
  • Redid the delay code so it did not use a task
  • Changed authid arrays to be 34 usable chars for future compatibility
v0.9.8 - JTP10181 - 06/08/04
  • Tweaked the help messages a little for the commands
  • Removed all \ line breaks, not supported anymore.
  • Somewhere I added the auto-switch feature but forgot to log it.
v0.9.7 - JTP10181 - 05/19/04
  • Upgraded MOTD box to STEAM compatibility
  • Fixed bugs that happened when amx_knifeammo is greater than amx_maxknifeammo
  • Made checks to keep amx_knifeammo from being set higher than amx_maxknifeammo
  • Started to reorganize code to make it easier to follow
  • Fixed bug with partial pickups not subtracting the correct ammount from the dropped ammo
  • Hopefully fixed bug that would sometimes kill all the knife entities in the middle of a round
  • Added logging to server logs for stats software
  • Fixed bugs with scores being updated wrong

Below v0.9.6 was maintained by -]ToC[-Bludy

********************************************* ***************************/

I have permission from -]ToC[-Bludy to release new versions of this plugin.
Thanks to him for the models or whoever he got them from, they work great.

******** Engine Module REQUIRED ********
******** FUN Module REQUIRED ********
******** Model Pack REQUIRED ********

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